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Unable to use historic cookie pool data for audience export


I am Bharathi. We have been using Lytics for sometime now and we have some questions from our end and would appreciate if you can help address them.

1. What does profiles added and profiles removed mean? Why should profiles be added and then removed. We saw in Google ads in initial days the number of profiles exported was high 3.6 M decreased to 1.7 M after few days. The audience criteria was just consumers who have given their phone numbers. So audience size can only increase and not decrease since we haven't deleted any phone number. Why do we see the profiles count reducing then?

2.We have got a good amount of historical cookie data that we would like to export to DV360. Is there a way to use the historical cookie pool data? Right now we are unable to leverage this as this data is being exported but apparently not available for utilization at the other end on Media platforms. 



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  • Bharathi Ravindran -

    Profiles added and removed usually will mean that users either entered (added) or exited (removed) the audience in question. It's tough to say for certain without seeing the audience in question but there may have been some other event that caused the profiles to not be qualified for the audience any longer.

    I do not believe you can use historical cookie data with DV360 as it requires that the cookie sync part of the integration is active on the site. This would not have been active until you enabled it. Once enabled:

    - The user's browser will send an event to Lytics with the user's cookie ID.
    - The user's browser will send a request to the DV360 cookie sync endpoint with Lytics' Google Network ID and the user's Lytics cookie ID in base64 encoding.
    - Google DV360 will map the Lytics cookie ID to a cookie ID in their system.

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