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Increase Reach with Lookalike Models - Google, Facebook

Brands are asking themselves important questions about the future of digital advertising.  How do we replace the targeting we had with 3rd party cookies?  How do we maintain our ability to reach new consumers in digital, without 3rd party cookies.  In other words, what can we do to continue to reach and engage consumers in this new, 1st party world?

One simple answer is:  Lookalike Models. 

Ad networks like Google and Facebook are working with CDPs like Lytics to create more functionality for their “customer match upload” capabilities, encouraging advertisers to bring 1st party data to the network - in a safe, secure and privacy-centric way.  

So now, using new audience tools like Lytics Cloud Connect, you can start to replace your dependency on 3rd party cookies and activate 1st party data - uploading audience segments to your preferred ad networks and creating Lookalike Models to expand reach.



Lookalike Modeling Expands Reach

Google and Facebook are making Lookalike Model features more accessible to brands that upload and sync 1st party data to their network.  How does this work?  Brands upload and sync “seed audiences” to Google and/or Facebook with Cloud Connect and then leverage Lookalike Modeling directly on the Ad Network to expand Reach.  

It's simple to create a “seed audience” with your 1st party data using Cloud Connect.  You simply identify your best customers (e.g. highest lifetime value, most purchases in the last year, highest engagement).  This seed audience segment creates a population of consumers that can be analyzed by the ad networks and their Lookalike Models to create a new audience list for targeting - of people that haven't engaged or purchased yet, but "look like" your best customers. 

Brands can now set up many different types of seed audiences to generate new lookalike model results - reaching many different types of consumers who are likely to engage or purchase.  Lookalike Models is one the most important new techniques available to reduce the negative impact on ROI from loss of 3rd party cookies.  

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