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User Roles

User roles in Cloud Connect

There are three types of user roles in Cloud Connect. You may use these roles to control access to your data, your connected applications and audience activation capabilities. 


Administrators can add additional users, authorize access to all features, view metrics and perform management functions. 

Data manager

Data managers can authorize Connections to your data warehouses, authorize connectivity to your activation channels, called Destinations (such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, Mailchimp, etc.). 

Data managers can access data tables in your data warehouse depending on the assigned permissions established in the warehouse. They can write SQL queries, view Cloud Connect users. This role may include access to personally identifiable information (PII) customer data fields from the warehouse. 

Audience manager

Audience managers may view existing and create new Audiences in Cloud Connect. Audience managers may also export audiences to connected Destinations set up by the data manager or Admin. This role can be limited to not expose any PII. 


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